TA Handbook cover


I just finished your book (while on a cruise ship, appropriately!) and wanted to congratulate you and thank you for an excellent book! It told the whole story and provided an honest overview of what being a Travel Advisor is all about today. I read everything I can find on the travel business and think your book should be required reading (I am actually going to recommend it to new franchisees of Cruise Planners). Quality, content, and flow of your book are all excellent and I thank you for the effort you put into it and the honesty of the message.

- Scott Koepf - Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) - Cruise Planners

WOW – what a good read, so much info on every part of our business. The book is impressive!

- Vicki Freed - SVP, Sales and Trade Support & Service - Royal Caribbean International

Have been an agency owner for 5 years now. Great information, easy read and very informative.

- Jerry Singletary (via Amazon)

I enjoyed reading this book. I will be training soon as a travel advisor and wanted to do my own research. Great tips and examples are provided. I read all chapters, even those that I may not need for my position.

- RF (via Amazon)

I loved the fact each chapter was unique. You don't need to read the book straight through. (Unless you want to). This is a perfect guide for ALL either just entering the travel business or those who have been in it for a while and just looking for new ideas.

- Joni Cohen, ECCS/LCS (via Amazon)

This book gives great information for beginner travel agents like myself. It goes over almost every possible thing you would need to be a travel agent. How to start a business, host agencies, consortia, and more. Marketing ideas. What you should and shouldn’t post. Plus a lot more information. 10/10

- B. Chaplin (via Amazon)